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Meet the professional athletes and teams supported by and supporting Lazer.

Lazer athletes share a raw passion for the sport. Whether they are tackling technical climbs, smashing the most demanding descents, pushing their limits on the track, or sprinting to the finish line, these rider's winner’s mindset and their total commitment to the sport is unmatched. Go inside the team bus and get to know the athletes that embody the Lazer spirit of passion, enjoyment, and universality.

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Lazer and FDJ-Suez have had a successful collaboration for several years, with the team using Lazer helmets to enhance their performance and safety on the road. This exciting partnership will see the team riders, including Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, Grace Brown and Emilia Fahlin, compete in the top UCI Women's road races while wearing our latest helmets. The collaboration not only provides the team with cutting-edge technology and protection, but also highlights our commitment to promoting and supporting women's cycling at the highest level. With a shared passion for performance and innovation, this collaboration is sure to result in exciting results on the road.

Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal

Lazer, known for its high-quality and innovative cycling helmets, has partnered with the Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal Cyclocross Team to provide them with top-of-the-line protective gear for the challenging and demanding cyclocross races. The team has been performing exceptionally well and has relied on our technology and design to keep them safe and performing at their best. The partnership has allowed us to showcase its products in the exciting and fast-paced world of cyclocross, while also providing the team with the best equipment to help them achieve their goals.

Belgian Cycling

The partnership with the Belgian Cycling Federation is a natural fit, given our roots in Belgium and its long-standing commitment to providing top-quality products to the cycling community. The partnership allows us to showcase our products at the biggest cycling events in the world, including Pro races, World Championships, and European Championships. This partnership helps to further establish Lazer as a leading brand in the cycling industry and solidifies its commitment to supporting the Belgian cycling community.


We have a strong partnership with the Royal Dutch Cycling Union (KNWU) as they aim to support all forms of cycling in the Netherlands. This partnership includes support during professional races, World championships, and European championships. We provide the KNWU with cutting-edge helmet technology, ensuring the safety and comfort of the riders while they compete at the highest level. The KNWU's relationship with Lazer is a testament to the company's commitment to advancing the sport of cycling in the Netherlands. The KNWU's endorsement of Lazer is a sign of the quality and trust in the brand. This is a proud moment for us.

British Cycling

British Cycling is one of the world’s leading national governing bodies, overseeing all forms of cycling in Britain. The organization has set the standard with Olympic, Paralympic, and Championship success, cementing its status as one of the strongest nations in competitive cycling. In 2014, Lazer proudly became its official helmet supplier, and the successful relationship has continued ever since. Over the years, British Cycling has enjoyed great success wearing Lazer helmets with many medals won, on the track and road.

For 2023, riders of British Cycling will be wearing a combination of Genesis, Vento KinetiCore, Volante KinetiCore and Victor KinetiCore, giving us valuable feedback to help refine the helmets.

“In order to best support our world-class bike riders, we strive to provide them with the world’s best kit and as such, I’m pleased with our partnership with Lazer. They are renowned for creating helmets with the mix of design, comfort, safety, performance, and technology which suits our riders perfectly.”
British Cycling’s Performance Director, Stephen ParkBritish Cycling’s Performance Director, Stephen Park

Tour de Tietema-Unibet

Tour de Tietema started out as a group of guys with a YouTube channel through which they wanted to bring the professional cycling world closer to the viewer in a fun and relatable manner. 

Since 2023, the team itself is closer to the professional cycling world then ever. With the name Tour de Tietema-Unibet they made the step to the UCI Continental level. Hoping to one day join the ProTeam level and ride the biggest tours. Lazer supports the team's journey to (hopefully) the Tour de France and other big races by providing the most suitable helmets for the riders, such as Vento KinetiCore. 

Next to giving out enormous amounts of pizza's to professional cyclists, the team produces quality content that not only entertains but inspires others to step on their bike. A great extenstion of the Lazer brand. 

Tim Celen

Lazer and Tim Celen have a strong partnership, with Lazer providing him with high-quality helmets. Tim Celen has been able to achieve significant success on the international stage while wearing our helmets, including winning the World Championship on the road a couple of times. The collaboration is a testament to our commitment to supporting and developing the careers of talented and dedicated para-cyclists like Celen.

“Since my early years I have been riding with Lazer helmets. For me these are THE ideal helmet - Perfect fit, light weight, beautiful designs, aerodynamic, … I therefore consider it a great honor to work with this top brand!”
Tim CelenTim Celen

Yeti / Shimano EP Racing Team

Formed in 2022, the brand new Yeti / Shimano EP Racing Team features renowned MTB athletes Mick Hannah and Keegan Wright. Both athletes have many great accomplishments in the downhill world, and confidently transferred this knowledge to the E-Enduro World Series in 2022. In a discipline where athletes are pushed to the limit on both downhill and technical climbs, safety is key. Lazer ensures this safety by providing helmets that suit the riders best, such as Cage KinetiCore - the first ever 5-star rated full-face helmet on Virginia Tech.

In addition, the team has and will continue to be an integral part of Lazer’s product development. After several tests, weighing, and measuring processes. There is no better way to really put a helmet to test than letting an experienced pro-athlete that has been racing since 2001, wear it. Mick Hannah provides valuable feedback on both launched and soon-to-be launched helmets, allowing Lazer to adjust where necessary.

Mick Hannah's Helmet:

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“We partner with the top manufacturers to outfit our team. We forged these bonds over the years from the rutted-out courses to the top of the podium.”
Yeti CyclesYeti Cycles

Madison Saracen Factory Race Team

Madison Saracen Factory Race Team is a UK-based downhill race team that was originally created in 2011 to develop British talent. Nowadays, the team has evolved into a World class professional racing outfit that has won many World Cups and World Championships over the years. The current team is made up of 2020 World Cup overall winner Matt Walker and popular Scottish rider Greg Williamson with eight top-10 World Cup rides to his name. The Madison Saracen Development Team is also in place to help future mountain bikers emulate the success of the Factory Team and has three talented young riders, George Madley, Felix Griffiths and Liv Taylor.

In a discipline where these athletes are pushed to the limit and reach high speeds, safety is key. Lazer ensures this safety by providing helmets that suit the riders best, such as Chase KinetiCore and Cage KinetiCore, both 5-star rated full-face helmets on Virginia Tech. 

Madison Saracen's helmet:

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BH Coloma

BH Coloma started as the great project of Olympic medalist, Carlos Coloma in 2019. Today, the UCI-registered XC team features a very established pro-block. David Valero, as number 1 in the UCI ranking; Natalia Fischer as current European XCM champion; David Valero and Rocío del Alba as the two national champion jerseys in its ranks. For 2023, riders of BH Coloma will be riding with a red Lazer Genesis and Vento KinetiCore, matching their team colors.

BH Coloma's Helmet:

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Caloi Henrique Avancini Racing

The Caloi Henrique Avancini Racing team is brand new to CX, but the legend behind it certainly isn’t. Avancini is the first Brazilian rider to win a World Cup race and the first to win a Marathon World Championship making him one of the biggest heroes Brazilian sports has ever seen. But it's not just about race results, Avancini has a raw passion for the sport shown by his total commitment, and his willingness to share that with the world. In 2023, Caloi Henrique Avancini Racing team, a 100% Brazilian team of his own creation, came into being. The team, consisting of Ulan Galinski, Sabrina Oliveira, Cainã Oliveira and Avancini, will be racing hard for the glory of the sport we all love, while repping the Lazer brand.

“Lazer will be our sponsor in 2023! The Belgian brand with more than 100 years in the market is a leader in the industry of innovation, design, safety and technology. They will be equipping our athletes in search of the best performance this season 🤘🏻”
Henrique AvanciniHenrique Avancini

Jono Jones

Don’t confuse him with his twin brother, who’s also a professional MTB rider. Guess a need for adrenaline and talent runs through their veins and genes. Jono Jones, originally a pure downhill rider, now participates in some of the coolest and most well-known Enduro events, such as Enduro World Series and RedBull Hardline. In addition, he is a seriously talented rider across downhill, enduro and free-ride disciplines. Jono is very active on social media where he shares his adventures, with a big smile on his face, to his 130.000 followers. With his good mood and always a positive attitude, he is a great extension of the Lazer brand.

“Very happy to continue working with LAZER to keep my head safe! Thank you team!”
Jono JonesJono Jones

Olivier Bruwiere

Olivier Bruwiere started off as a promising mountain biker. However, after discovering Enduro through watching some videos, he wanted to dip his toes in this new discipline. And with good luck. Since starting out he has transformed himself to a true enduro specialists with several podium places at the mythical Megavalanche and gets to call himself Belgian National Enduro Champ since 2023. 

In a discipline where you are pushed to the limit, safety is key. Lazer ensures this safety by providing helmets that suit the riders best. For Olivier, this is the full-face Cage KinetiCore and trail lid Jackal KinetiCore.

“Safety first thx to my Lazer Cage KinetiCore helmet. The perfect helmet for enduro racing.”
Olivier BruwiereOlivier Bruwiere