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One helmet,
adaptable to your needs


The Revolution has you covered in all conditions and on any terrain.

REVOLUTION FF with Chin Guard

From trail to ASTM DH certified full-face helmet.

REVOLUTION with ear covers

More coverage and a new look.


Keeps your head cool at all times. Learn more


Push up the visor for easy goggle parking.
Learn more


Chin guard

Screw on, Screw off! Learn more


For additional coverage! Learn more


Basic package! Learn more


To answer all your needs,
the Revolution offers even more.


Heart rate detection. Learn more

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The Revolution is the Swiss army knife of helmets! It goes from a lightweight trail helmet, to an all-terrain helmet with extra coverage on the sides, to a fully-fledged ASTM DH certified full-face helmet. All by switching out some of the accessories or installing a chin guard. Mix and match with ear covers, larger visors and chin guards, all available in multiple colors!
The Revolution helmet features a lightweight in-mold construction (340g without visor and earpads) with 22 strategically placed ventilation holes. It is designed to provide optimal ventilation during movement and when resting. The ventilation system is based on intake and outlet vents during movement, with a chimney effect releasing hot air upwards if you are stationary.
Mimicking the cerebrospinal fluid, MIPS creates a sliding layer between the helmet and the head, allowing them to move separately from each other in case of impact. This reduces the rotational force otherwise transmitted to the brain. The combination of the brain’s own protection and MIPS provides improved protection from angled impacts. The MIPS system only adds and does not interfere or take away from any other technical features, safety aspects, comfort or design of the helmet.
A dial at the back of the helmet controls a basket that grips a large part of back of the head. A quick turn of the ATS® dial makes sure the basket grips the back of the head while the systems tightens 360 degrees around the head for a snug yet comfortable fit that keeps the helmet firmly in place.
The visor of the Revolution helmet can be moved up in stages to block the sun or to provide room to place your goggle. When using the helmet in combination with a goggle you can use the helmet shell at the rear to hold your goggle strap. You can even replace the visor with a larger version that is designed to work in combination with the chin guard.
The chin guard can easily be installed on the Revolution helmet with six non-removable screws without tools, and turns your helmet into an ASTM Downhill certified Full-Face helmet.
The earcovers can be installed on the revolution helmet when additional coverage is required, or when a style change is needed. They snap on the helmet with ease and are padded for your comfort.
The Revolution comes standard with smaller earcovers, these allow a maximum of ventilation and a minimum of weight.
The Safety Mounting System is a crash tested mounting area for accessories like GoPro cameras and lights. The SMS has been certified to survive CPSC crash tests with items installed on the helmet. So you can be sure of your safety no matter what you install on the Revolution helmet.
The Revolution chin guard is designed to be compatible with your hydration system by clipping the tube to the inside of the chin guard.
Install a longer of different color of visor on the helmet to create a better fit and style with the Revolution Full Face.
Install the LifeBEAM system on the Revolution helmet by using a simple add-on piece at the back of the helmet. Connect it to the LifeBEAM