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10 reasons to love KinetiCore

31 Mar 2022

Why all cyclists should check out Lazer’s new built-in helmet protection technology.

Taking cycling protection a step forwards is no easy task. Helmets are getting lighter and more protective, but most include rotational impact protection as an added-on extra rather than a built-in part of the helmet itself.

Lazer decided to tear up the rules when it came to protection. They wanted to design helmets with improved impact protection built into the helmet.

And following a decade of experimentation, perseverance, endless simulations and inspiration and innovation, the result is KinetiCore, a brand new benchmark in protection.

KinetiCore helmets do not simply offer enhanced impact protection, they also feature a whole range of new features that will appeal to all types of cyclist, from road warriors looking to shave seconds off their times to mountain bikers shredding the singletrack and commuters aiming to boost comfort and protection when riding through heavy traffic to the office.

With that in mind, here are 10 reasons to love KinetiCore:

1. Enhanced impact protection

The research and design team at Lazer spent years examining different types of impact and how they can affect cyclists’ skulls and brains.

Using a unique computer simulation program, the team had the ability to test the designs’ limits virtually, and subject them to direct and rotational impacts.

An example of direct impact is when a loose rock collides with a helmet from above. It’s a rare type of impact, but helmets need to protect riders from this type of collision.

Rotational impact occurs when a cyclist is moving and collides with a hard surface such as a road. The force of the collision can cause the rider’s brain to move inside their skull, leading to serious injuries. This is the type of impact Lazer was focused on building protection against.

KinetiCore is the result of a decade’s quest for a new enhanced technology. It protects against both direct and rotational impact thanks to unique EPS foam blocks called Controlled Crumple Zones that crumple under impact and absorb the energy that otherwise would have reached the wearer’s brain.

2. Protection for all

From the outset, Lazer wanted KinetiCore to be accessible to all types of cyclist, in all helmet categories, for all different ages right down to the very youngest of riders.

This means that customers will find KinetiCore in helmets aimed at road cyclists looking for lightweight protection, in MTB helmets where users require to be extra secure for everything the trails can throw at them and in all-round performance helmets designed for leisure riders who enjoy weekend rides with friends.

Commuters are catered for too, with KinetiCore helmets specifically built for those riding in heavy traffic.

KinetiCore is also available in children’s helmets, designed for younger riders who are beginning their cycling journey by taking to two wheels for the first time or travelling as a passenger in a bike seat.

3. Virginia Tech-rated

As part of testing and developing KinetiCore, Lazer’s technology underwent Virginia Tech’s rigorous, independent and highly respected helmet-testing certification process.

The results were a watershed moment for the team, and showed what KinetiCore was capable of. It added several 5-star bicycle helmet ratings on top of the impressive 13 5-star ratings Lazer already held with its existing range, meaning that wearers can be assured that KinetiCore has performed highly under the most demanding test procedures.

4. Integrated. Not added on

One major difference between existing rotational impact technology and KinetiCore is that, in contrast to many other rotational impact technologies, it is not added onto helmets – KinetiCore is built-in. There are many advantages to this – KinetiCore’s integrated technology means less weight, supports better ventilation, improves fit and comfort, and at the same time reduces the amount of plastic used. KinetiCore provides next-level safety technology that’s better by design from a holistic perspective.

5. Lightweight

As well as providing improved levels of protection, it was crucial that the helmet remained lightweight. Increasing numbers of riders demand the lightest helmet possible – and for good reason. Dropping grams can increase comfort as well as speed and aerodynamics, leading to less chance of distraction while riding.

With this in mind, the design team spent years refining the prototypes and painstakingly reducing the amount of plastic and EPS foam used in construction, thereby reducing the overall weight.

6. Better ventilation

Going hand-in-hand with low weight comes increased ventilation. All riders need air moving through the helmet to keep their head cool, especially when the temperature – and incline – rises.

As KinetiCore is built-in, it means the helmets can be designed with innovative vents that channel cool air to the rear and emit warmer air. This boosts comfort, providing one less thing for riders to worry about.

7. Overall comfort

Increased overall comfort means more riding. KinetiCore increases riders’ comfort via a number of methods: reducing the weight of the helmet, increasing ventilation and breathability and also providing an improved fit. This is refined by each user via new adjustment systems such as Turnsys and Scrollsys, that make tailoring the fit and aerodynamics easy even when on the move.

8. Reduced plastics

Lazer is committed to looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint and, as a company, has assessed how it can take steps to reduce any impact on the environment.

Due to avoiding using added-on plastics to secure rotational protection and reducing the quantity of EPS foam required, the design team achieved the goal of improved performance while reducing the amount of (plastic) material used. As a result, KinetiCore is made with less plastic than previous comparable models.

9. Created by Lazer

Lazer has led the conversation on cyclist protection, consistently innovated helmet design and elevated performance for more than a century. The company utilises its heritage and expertise in cycling protection to constantly strive for improved levels of protection and comfort.

Lazer’s helmets are informed and inspired by the pros but designed for everyday cyclists, with professional levels of comfort and protection. With Lazer, customers know they are getting optimum protection matched with the very highest performance levels.

10. Optimal balance of protection and performance

Hitting the sweet spot of enhanced protection and advanced performance has taken years of perfecting and streamlining. KinetiCore provides that perfect balance, leaving riders to cycle with confidence in the knowledge they are protected, and their performance – whether cycling woodland trails with their family or racing a 100-mile sportive – will be elevated by their headgear.


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