Pure confidence: Ride like a Jackal

Speed, thrill & style are the best friends of any hard-core mountain biker. At Lazer, we truly believe that the best a brand can do is create the perfect match between a rider and its gear, and that is exactly what we aimed to do with Jackal. When building this helmet, we always kept in mind that we wanted to enable any mountain biker to maximize their comfort, enjoyment & style while riding on the trails. Here is the result.

Jackal Brand Page image

Comfort has been optimized on all angles to give riders the ultimate trail riding sensations. 7 different shells shape this lid, making it a very technical helmet. On top of that, the ventilation channels provide the best possible cooling performance, whether you ride it with goggles, eyewear or nothing at all. Because it is never wise to change a winning team, it features the snug & pleasant Lazer Advanced Turnfit® system.

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Jackal Brand PAge image 2

Equipped with an adjustable visor, a goggle grip and an ultra-light magnetic buckle, the Jackal has all the features needed to go on the most extreme rides.

“The Jackal is a very relevant helmet in the area that I live and ride. I would recommend it to riders of all ability levels who are looking for a full feature helmet that offers lots of protection.”

Thomas Vanderham