Z1 KinetiCore

Optimized rotational impact protection weighing only 220g in a size M. The Z1 KinetiCore is the one for those looking for a featherweight with best in class ventilation.
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The One.

Z1 KinetiCore has been engineered to be both lightweight and allow excellent ventilation, as well as to provide high levels of safety.

Taking the iconic Z1 as a starting point, worn by famous athletes such as Andre Greipel on the Champs Elysees, we kept eveything that it was doing right and did it even better by integrating Lazer's patented KinetiCore protection technology. Resulting in a 5-STAR Virginia Tech protection rated lid with rotational impact protection built-in weighing in at only 220g M CE.

Strategically placed vents, inclined bridges and a floating headband allow best in class ventilation while keeping aerodynamics in mind. A Lazer Aeroshell can be added to the helmet to close the vents for extra aerodynamic advantage and provide protection against the elements.

Now including the upgraded Lazer Advanced RollSys system spanning the whole head for a comfortable and secure fit. Other features of Z1 KinetiCore include lightweight stitched & recycled straps that are designed to ensure comfort and eyewear docking slots. Find out how to dock your eyewear here.

Z1 KinetiCore's new aggressive design will turn heads while you are pushing your limits.

  • Z1 KinetiCore rated 5 stars for
    safety in rotational impact tests 

    Rotational impact test performed on the Z1 KinetiCore CPSC model available in North America.
    Virginia tech 5 star rating
  • What does this 5-STAR rating mean? Find out here

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    • Fit System
    • Sizes
    • Weight
    • Lazer Advanced Rollsys
    • S/52-56cm    M/55-59cm    L/58-61cm
    • 220g (Size Medium CE)

    Compatible Accessories

    Universal LED


    Z1 Aeroshell