Cage KinetiCore

The Cage KinetiCore does not only score points on its looks, it is the first ever 5-star rated full face helmet on Virginia Tech too! This helmet stands for enduro and downhill races and does not compromise. Features like a magnetic buckle, seamless goggle integration and a design to comfortably fit your neck brace will boost your confidence on the track. Ready for extreme fun?
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Cage KinetiCore

“My favourite features of Cage are the safety and breathability. My confidence is much higher than with previous helmets. We have long brutal days and the ventilation makes a big difference in managing my core temperature.”

Sick Mick Hannah - Winner of EWS E, Crankworx Whistler Air DH, Crankworx Cairns Dual Slalom, TDS Enduro E-bike and Australian MTB Hall of Famer.

Best rated full face protection

For those who tackle the climbs, to charge the descents with confidence; we introduce the Cage KinetiCore. The first ever full-face helmet with a published 5-star protection rating from Virginia Tech. Thanks to the advanced KinetiCore technology, the Cage features innovative rotational and direct impact protection. Designed for the modern downhill and enduro racer, pushing their limits on course. The Cage provides excellent airflow for maximum breathability, making it equally comfortable for race runs and the long climb back to the top. The anti-slip grip on the back of the helmet keeps goggles securely in place for the roughest descents, while the magnetic buckle eliminates gloved hands fumbling with the chin strap.

Why you should choose a fixed visor

Your visor is often your good friend, it protects you against challenges mother nature throws at you. However, increased rotational force during a crash is a big disadvantage of helmet peaks. Which doesn’t take away that it can’t be missed for most, but there is still a decision to be made between a fixed or adjustable visor with bolts. The video below shows two impact tests of Cage KinetiCore with fixed visor and a helmet featuring an adjustable visor with bolts. On impact, the helmet with fixed visor rotates less than its counterpart showing the lower rotational force and indicating the helmet with fixed visor as the safer option. 

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  • Cage KinetiCore rated 5 stars for
    safety in rotational impact tests 

    Rotational impact test performed on the Cage KinetiCore CPSC model available in North America.
    Virginia tech 5 star rating
  • What does this 5-STAR impact protection rating really mean? Find out here.

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    • Sizes
    • Weight
    • XS/52-54cm    S/54-56cm    M/56-58cm    L/58-60cm    XL/60-62cm
    • 820 g (Size Medium CE)