Zack Allison finishes Tour of the Gila Stage 1 with Lazer Z1 and early 80's Strumpjumper!

Photo Credit: Justin Stanley | @Justindstanley

Zack Allison crashed 4km from the finish of the first stage of the Tour of the Gila this week. His Lazer Z1 helmet kept him safe, but his bike was not so lucky. A walk to the finish and missing the time cut to continue the race was something Zack did not want to consider.

VeloNews reports:

And then, help arrived. It wasn’t a team car, or a teammate with a similarly sized Giant bike. Instead, it was a local fan and his old Specialized Stumpjumper mountain bike. “He had ridden to the finish from the bottom, or maybe his house, on his old Stumpy,” Allison said. “I’m not really sure the year, but it had five speeds and a triple. He saw the finish and was making his way back down. I flagged him down, told him my bike is broken, asked if he was open to it, if I could ride his bike to the finish, then bring it back down. He actually said, ‘I would be honored,’ which was a good sign.”

Zack finished the stage and made the time cut. Read the whole story online here.

Bravo Zack, looks like an inspiring ride!