Thank You Lazer!!



Last weekend I raced Ironman Louisville.  It was my second ironman and I had decided it would also be my last full distance race, as I have to many other things in life I enjoy doing.  I originally was supposed to race IM-Maryland but decided to switch to Louisville when the swim in Maryland was cancelled.  


Long story short, I was having an incredible race in Louisville until mile 83 where I lost control of my bike and crashed - HARD.  I hit my hip and my head VERY hard on the ground. I was going about 20mph.  I am beyond thankful I had such a wonderful helmet on, as I can clearly remember my head bouncing off the ground.  After getting my wits about me and getting my head cleared up, I stopped at the next aid station to get examined.  Everyone seemed to think I was okay to continue, so I did.  I finished the race with a 2+ hr PR (despite stopping for over 30mins after the accident for medical attention and struggling on the run b/c of my badly bruised hip and fractured rib).  But I fought through the pain and ran the marathon and made it to that sweet finish line.


Your helmet not only saved my race, but also saved me from a serious head injury.  I had just gotten this helmet as a birthday gift in August and I can tell you that I will be a lazer customer for life now.  Thank you for making such a high quality product.  



Amanda Melillo