Real Life Product Testing for Lazer Z1 MIPS!

A journalist testing the Lazer Z1 MIPS helmet wrote us:

I’m guessing most of your testers don’t take it quite so far as I did Saturday! I crashed going around a tight, fast curve on my regular ride. Must have hit some sand or something. My wheels flew out in an instant.

Displaced clavicle fracture, road rash all up and down my left side and hand chewed up pretty good. Helmet absorbed a hard blow and totally protected my head! Thanks!!!! See photos. It sort of broke apart a bit. I’m still not sure how I hit re: my head. My buddy who was following said my head hit pretty hard, though.

As you can see in the images, the Lazer Z1 MIPS helmet took a big hit but the rider suffered no head trauma.

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