Lazer Beam MIPS helps those with Epilepsy!

A recent email that we received:

I wish to compliment you on your MIPS technology. My friend has fallen over 20 times due to uncontrollable epilepsy. Your helmet has saved her from skull lacerations, fractures, concussions, and cerebral haematoma. In fact, it has like saved her life many times. Please convey our thanks to your developers. She wears it all the time when standing. I am attaching a photo of a piece of rock embedded in the helmet. The outer shell was also sufficiently strong to have prevented puncture.

Epilepsy is a group of related disorders characterized by a tendency for recurrent seizures. These seizures can last between a few seconds to more than five minutes and result in a lack of control over the body. Many who suffer from epileptic seizure choose to wear a helmet in order to help protect their head if the seizure results in a fall.

The Lazer Beam with MIPS is a great choice for those who suffer from Epilepsy. The Autofit retention system means that no adjustment is necessary to fit the helmet to the users head - just put it on and close the chin strap and it's set to go. At 285 grams the Beam MIPS is also light enough to be comfortably worn all day long. And the MIPS system helps protect against Rotational Brain Injury which can be found on victims of low speed falls such as those that take place during standing or walking. 

The Lazer Beam MIPS is priced at $75 USA/ £50 UK and more information can be found on our website here!