A Helmet Capable of Saving Lives

From Adam Mills of the Lazer supported Elevate Pro Cycling Team:

"I'm sure you saw the news on the internet but the entire team was hit by a van last week at training camp. In the process we had lots of injuries (major and minor), which would have all been compounded had we not been wearing your helmets and sunglasses (eye protection was definitely a factor in the injury outcome). Our mechanic and I have looked over all the equipment and it looks like every single helmet is either cracked or had a significant slide along the pavement or the side of a van enough for paint transfer. I can't begin to thank you for your support and Lazer for making a quality helmet capable of saving lives."

See the TV news story at the link below. The Elevate Pro Cycling Team is supported with the Z1 helmet and Lazer eyewear.

We are very glad to hear that our helmets and eyewear played a role in preventing things from turning out much worse!