How do I determine which size of helmet I need?
To ensure a maximum protection, the proper helmet size should be chosen for each user. To choose your size, measure the circumference of your head approximately 2 cm above the eyebrows, and select the size of helmet that corresponds to your measurement (in cm). When the helmet is on your head make sure there are no large empty spaces or pressure points.
How do I correctly wear a helmet?
Put the helmet on your head with the front and back at the same level, so the helmet is parallel to the ground. Adjust the fit system of the helmet so it is securely and snug on your head, but still comfortable.The helmet should be properly adjusted on the head, meaning the straps should not cover your ears, the buckle should not be covering the chin and the buckle and straps should be firmly, but comfortably adjusted. The same applies to the adjustment around the perimeter of the head. The helmet should always be fixed on the head by securing the chin strap attached under the chin.
How do I take care of my helmet?
Always take care of your helmet, even when you are not using it. Keep it away from heat sources and avoid prolonged contact with sunlight when not using it. Let it dry out in a ventilated place. Do not make any modifications to the helmet, do not varnish it or put on any coloring agents. To clean it only use water and mild soap. Never use oil based products, solvents or other chemical substances.
When should I replace my helmet?
If the helmet is visibly damaged (cracked outer shell, crushed or cracked foam liner or any other damage) we recommend replacing it. Even after a minor impact the protective qualities of the helmet can be influenced, some or all of the helmet’s protective capacity is used up when impacted, and the damage to a helmet is therefore not always visible. Additionally the prolonged action of sunrays weakens all plastic materials. Therefore Lazer recommendeds to replace your helmet at least every 3 years.
There is a winter liner for my helmet, what is this and how do I install this?
Some Lazer helmets are designed to be used all-year round and have an accessory called winter liner. With some quick adjustments you can use your helmet no matter what the conditions are. How to install: Remove the original padding from the helmet by pulling it away from the helmet, until there are only velcro strips left in the helmet. Put the helmet straps on the outside of the helmet so there is nothing inside the helmet. Align the winter liner with at the front of the helmet and gently push the liner down until it sticks to the velcro. Pull your helmet straps through the loops that are on the outside of the ear flaps of the winter liner. The winter liner should now be installed and ready for use.
My question isn't answered here, what now?
Please use the contactform to reach us and we will help you the best we can. you can find the contactform here: www.lazersport.com/content/contact-us